Best time to go on vacation

Futuristic cities and tiny villages, which are vainly sought after on the map, ancient temples and ruins hidden among the tropical jungle and street markets that come alive with the first rays of the sun and where you can have one of the best meals of your life. Thailand, one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia, is a country of contrasts that can be discovered all year round. The land of smiles is one of the places where you will never be bored. When is it worth going to Thailand?

What is the climate like in Thailand?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Thailand is located in the tropical climate zone – the plural is most advisable here, because the tropical climate is also divided into several groups. And so the northern and central part of Thailand is located in the so-called savannah climate, with quite strongly marked dry season. The southern part, located mainly on the Malaysian Peninsula, is already a tropical monsoon climate with the addition of rainforests.

The result of this combination of climate is not two, but three seasons in Thailand – cool dry, warm dry and rainy. What’s more, these seasons in different provinces of the country, occur in different periods, which in practice means that regardless of the season, we will certainly find some place in Thailand where it is warm and there is no or very little rain. In other words, Thailand is a country where we find good weather all year round. All you have to do is choose the right region for your holiday destination.

When to go on vacation to Thailand?

Thailand is still the direction chosen mainly for autumn and winter vacations. This is because from October to February, practically throughout the country, the average daily temperature fluctuates around 26°C and there is practically no rainfall. If we want to relax on one of the beautiful Thai beaches, it is difficult to find a better time to leave. This is the case until March – later the average monthly temperature rises quite rapidly, and can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius – something for those who want to experience the real tropics.

What often scares tourists away from going to Thailand during the holiday season is the rainy season – they forget, however, that it does not rain everywhere. Relatively heavy rainfall occurs in Bangkok and Phuket, on the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, but already on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand the weather is favorable for rest.

There, the rains will not appear until October and November – but this still does not mean that we will spend the whole holiday in the rain. It will just get warmer and wetter. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of a paradise vacation in Thailand in July or August.

In general, there is much less rain on the southern islands than on the east and there, even during the rainy season, many sunny days await us. This is great news for those who do not like crowds on the beaches or in holiday resorts. In addition, prices are then lower and tourist attractions are even more accessible.

What clothes to take with you to Thailand?

Thailand is a country that offers endless opportunities for relaxation. Some are attracted by its intimate beaches with a wonderful view of the blue sea covered with picturesque rocks – some of them are even a few meters high, others prefer to hide in the tropical forest and focus on the spiritual dimension of the journey – visit temples filled with an atmosphere of peace and sacrum.

Still others are attracted by the modern part of the country – vibrant Bangkok and other metropolises where it is impossible to get bored – no matter what time of day or season. What clothes we are going to take with us on vacation depends on where, when and for what purpose we are going to Thailand.

If our vacation is to be a classic holiday, let’s check which region of the country has the best conditions and pack a typical summer beach dressing room. If we want to get to know Thailand a bit better, we are going to move to different regions, remember to take something warmer and of course a raincoat. No matter when and why we go to Thailand, be sure to pack a good sunscreen with a strong filter. There is no shortage of sunshine all year round.