Accommodation with Pitches

Campsites with bare pitches for tents and caravans offer free accommodation and are probably the closest to the classic camping concept. A bare pitch will therefore allow you to put down your shelter, whatever it is. Often intended for nomads who are touring an entire region, you can also stay there for your entire vacation.

It is the least expensive rental, even if you choose an all-inclusive package (water, electricity). Indeed, apart from the connections, you will have to bring everything: your tent, caravan or motor home, your linen and dishes, etc.

The bare pitch is an area where you can settle down for the duration of your stay. Be careful, choose one that is big enough to accommodate your shelter, but also possibly a car, set up a table and chairs, and an awning to shelter you from the sun, wind or rain. Its geographical location is also important: not too far from the toilet block, well oriented, as far away from the wind as possible, far enough away from the neighbors, etc.
There are several forms of bare pitches, from the most rudimentary to the most equipped.

Accomodations with all comforts

Classic rental campsites, bungalows, mobile homes, chalets offer accommodation with more comfort than traditional camping. These types of top-of-the-range accommodation attract a different type of clientele from that of bare pitch camping.

They are intended for vacations with friends or family, and for people who wish to find during their vacations the advantages of a house, while being closer to nature.

The mobile home

It looks like a caravan, only bigger. Inside, it is as functional as a house. The mobile home is an accommodation that has greatly evolved over the years.
Today, it is better insulated and the exterior walls are covered with weather and UV resistant siding. The materials differ according to the manufacturer.
Inside, you will find all the necessary equipment for your stay:

  • lounge and kitchen area with oven, fridge and hob, microwave ;
  • at least one bedroom (usually two or three) ;
  • a bathroom
  • Furniture: table, chairs, sofa, television, etc.
  • all the basic necessities: crockery, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, sheets and blankets, etc.

The pitch where your rental mobile home is located usually allows you to take a car and eat outside, if it does not already have a terrace.

The bungalow

The bungalow is a broad name. Previously used for construction sites, it has become a tourist accommodation. In open-air campsites, a bungalow is traditionally made of thick canvas and does not contain sanitary facilities. Nevertheless, the floor is solid. This type of accommodation is the closest to traditional camping.

Over time, it too has evolved, and its walls are now covered with wood or PVC panelling. The sanitary facilities have been integrated and the bungalow is composed of a living room and one or two bedrooms, depending on the number of people it can accommodate. You will enjoy an optimized interior containing all the equipment necessary for your comfort.

The cottage

The cottage is an all-wooden house that is mostly found in the mountains. Since a few years, it has become more and more popular and you can find cottage rentals almost everywhere, especially in the middle of the woods.
The chalet is practically a top-of-the-range lodging, which one can almost classify as glamping. It has all the comfort of a house, both in terms of thermal and sound insulation, but also in terms of equipment.

Depending on the size of the chalet, you will have a living room with an equipped kitchenette (fridge, hob, etc.), individual bedrooms for one or two people and a bathroom with toilet and shower.
It is the ideal accommodation for tourists who want a minimum of standing, even when camping.

Unusual accommodations, for a stay out of the ordinary

Campsites with unusual accommodations have become very fashionable and more and more popular. From glamping to eco camping to traditional camping wishing to offer original accommodations, you will have the choice as to the style you want.

Beyond the accommodations, campsites that offer unusual accommodations are often themed, with a decor and activities linked to the style of the residences.

The tipi

The tipi is a large tent that looks just like the Indian tepee. Very fashionable, it can now be found just about everywhere, but there are campsites that take the concept to its logical conclusion with a 100% Native American theme: songs, shows, traditional costumes, etc. If you want a change of scenery and cultural discovery, this type of accommodation is perfect.

As for the tipis, you will have the right to a very large accommodation. The rooms are separated by a wooden structure with a curtain. There are real quality beds to rest at the end of the day.

The tree house

Just as close to nature, but in a different style, the cabin in the woods is likely to make you regress. If you wish to relive the happy moments of your childhood or return for a few days in the wilderness, look no further, this accommodation is for you. Not only will you enjoy a beautiful view, but you will also have the chance to wake up to the sound of birdsong.

If you don’t have access to running water and electricity, you will still be able to spend your nights in rooms. Moreover, no need to go downstairs to go to the toilets, they are already in the hut. Of course, they are dry toilets, much more practical for this type of accommodation, but also more ecological.

The yurt

One can hardly make more nomadic and exotic than a Mongolian yurt! This traditional and dismountable dwelling has a round structure, protected by a canvas.

Inside, you will find only the living room, in the respect of the Mongolian culture. In the center, a wood stove heats the common space. The roof has an opening for the flue. All around, you will find beds, a table, storage trunks, chairs, etc…

The bubble room

This is the accommodation for lovers! No bigger than a tent, you will nevertheless feel a feeling of space out of the ordinary.
The bubble room is composed of an inflated sphere. An entrance lock allows you to enter this unusual accommodation. Inside, you will have at your disposal a double bed of comfort quality. Sometimes the space offers a table, an armchair or a closet.

The real asset of this new type of accommodation is its completely transparent structure. If you love the stars, the nature, you will be fulfilled! You will be able to contemplate the sky, observe the galaxies, hunt shooting stars, etc. at your leisure.

In addition to being original, it is a very romantic stay, perfect for couples. Don’t fear for your intimacy, it is preserved thanks to the hedges delimiting the site.

The caravan

The caravan is a type of accommodation close to the caravan and mobile home. Smaller than the latter, it is designed to spend vacations in an original and authentic accommodation. However, it offers all the necessary comfort: a kitchenette, a bed, a bathroom.

If you need more space, some campsites offer the possibility of renting an extra cabin on the same site, in order to have extra beds.
The caravan is more and more common on campsites, as is the tipi. It is a growing success thanks to its charm, authenticity and simplicity.
The craze of tourists has completely revolutionized the outdoor hotel industry.

While this type of tourism has had its followers for a long time, it now appeals to people of all ages. From young people to retirees, couples and families, camping is suitable for everyone thanks to the great diversity of accommodation. It is therefore unlikely that you will not find what you are looking for!