Accommodation in vacations with babies

We anticipate the summer to see the pros and cons of the two types of accommodation that most people choose when spending a few days’ vacation. We are going to see what we are most interested in looking for those days of fun and disconnection, but before prices skyrocket.

The summer and the heat, this stage of the year that lasts for three or sometimes almost four months, also always tend to coincide with the main vacations and allow us to make those desired trips to town, reunite with loved ones, friends, travel to the beach, mountains or rural estancias.

Most of the budget for the days of vacations always is in the meals and the lodging mainly, to part of whims that can arise. So, leaving meals aside, let’s look at the two main types of accommodation provided by the incredible landscapes and beaches of this spectacular country.

Choosing the right accommodation where to spend a few days or weeks of vacation with our children or babies are usually thoughtful decisions. Because many times if you travel to an unknown place you may get it right or not.

Whenever we travel with babies and children we have to remember that it requires patience and work, which often leads many to seek amenities such as room service, cleaning, meals on the premises or resort. Without further ado, let’s look at the main options:

The Hotel

It is always one of the first options to be considered mainly for its services and amenities. Taking into account our budget, the quality and quantity of services and distance from the beach or mountain that we are looking for, will make us choose the one that fits our needs.

These establishments usually offer a room with more or less elements of comfort, the most normal is a bathroom, bed service and cleaning, breakfast and meals distributed in several regimes. Prices vary depending on the quality and quantity of services offered.

We are lucky that the offer is wide, varied and with a lot of diversity with specializations in theme parks and resorts with everything that children can imagine. The only drawback is that these resorts or stays are usually noisier, but as a rule, being for children and babies, they have very strict schedules with activities designed for them and their parents.

When it comes to choosing a regime for comfort, the all-inclusive is usually imposed, since in the end it is more economical. This way we always have a place to eat and we don’t have to reserve or count on unforeseen expenses.

The Apartments

Another option that most people choose, they do not have the services and amenities of hotels, but usually they are cheaper unless they have amenities or are located in a privileged place.

They usually have a kitchen, which gives us more freedom in the meals we like and more healthy. This also gives us more freedom in the schedules depending on the needs and rhythms that take the small ones.

If we are used to searching on the internet, we can find a great and varied offer of complexes and apartments with many comforts and adapted for families. In some of them there are even options such as high chair hotels, baths, strollers and adaptation kits for babies. Many are in privileged surroundings and have large and fun children’s areas.

So depending on their size and layout can include bungalows, villas and even cottages depending on the location. This way we can always choose between the beach for sun lovers and the mountains for the adventurous. There are also more economical options such as camping but these are usually in beach environments but lately they are also located in mountain areas.

So the best thing is to start looking with time because many people have already booked their vacations, if you have clear dates, this way the stay is much more economical. In addition they usually offer an insurance or cancellation waiver, in case at the last moment you have to cancel the reservation for whatever reason.

We hope you liked this article in which we have emphasized among the main options available to spend a pleasant family vacation. We remind you to always keep an eye on the little ones in the hotels and apartments and especially in the bathrooms, using skin and eye protection depending on their age and exposure to the sun.